Recent Article On Intellectual Property Protection For Graphical User Interfaces

Fresh and interesting article I recently wrote for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice - Oxford Journals: IP Protection For Graphical User Interfaces In The EU, US, And China. Here is the abstract:
The article first briefly explains what a graphical user interface is. Then explores the current GUI protection offered in the US, the EU and China. Finally, as a case study, the article analyses the strategy developed by the Apple legal team concerning the Apple Watch.
In addition, it describes how, to reach the ‘top (new) apps’ stores, developers and designers willing to launch a new (smartwatch) app are focusing on graphical user interfaces (GUI); and shows that having an intellectual property right for a GUI provides competitive advantage and a strong basis for early-stage funding strategy.
Happy reading! 

(Thomas Dubuisson, IP protection for graphical user interfaces in the EU, US and China, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 2015/10, p. 767-774).

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