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The Development of Apple’s Line of Mobile Computing Devices

Fresh and interesting article posted on IPWatchdog about the history of Apple iDevices.

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"Early on in his career with Apple, Steve Jobs conceived the idea of a personal computing device that a person could keep with them and use to connect wirelessly to other computer services. Almost 25 years later, Apple and Jobs would upend the world of personal computing by launching the iPhone smartphone, and a few years later a tablet computer counterpart, the iPad. According to the most recent sales figures available from Apple corporate analysis website,the iPhone has achieved lifetime sales of 590.5 million units; Apple has also sold 237.2 million iPads in just over three years since the release of that product. The iPhone has retained mass appeal despite the presence of the iPad andApple has even reverted to soft launches for new iPad products, evidence of the incredible hold that the iPhone still maintains over Apple’s core consumer base. In the near fut…

Practical Considerations Of Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement of Judgments

Fresh and interesting article posted on Quinn Emanuel LLP's website providing an overview of multi-jurisdictional enforcement of judgments in U.S., UK, Russia, France, and Hong Kong.

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"With more cross-border trade and foreign investments, businesses may find themselves in more disputes with counterparties before foreign courts or in international arbitration. Where a party chooses—or the parties’ contract requires—litigation in a foreign court, it may obtain a final judgment for money damages from the foreign court. However, that court judgment may not end the dispute. The losing party (the judgment debtor) may refuse to pay on the judgment or settle the dispute at a reasonable discount in exchange for giving up appeal rights, and the prevailing party (the judgment creditor) may not have seized assets prior to the judgment. In this situation, the judgment creditor or a distressed debt fund that purchases the judgment may seek to recognize and enforce the judgment…

Chinese E-commerce Company Alibaba Reported Strong Sales Growth

Fresh and interesting article posted on Re/code about Alibaba's first earnings reports since the world’s largest initial public offering in September 2014.

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"Alibaba beat sales estimates for its first earnings report as a public company.
The giant Chinese e-commerce company recorded earnings of 45 cents per share on revenue of $2.74 billion in the September quarter. Analysts were expecting on average earnings per share of 45 cents on $2.64 billion in revenue. Net profit, meanwhile, fell 39 percent to $485 million. The shares were up about three percent in early trading.The report comes a month and a half after Alibaba went public on the New York Stock Exchange by raising $25 billion in the largest-ever IPO. Alibaba’s stock price closed on Monday at nearly $102 a share, a 10 percent increase since it started trading in September at a price of $92.70.At that price, Alibaba is valued at $246 billion, easily eclipsing the combined market values of Amazon and eB…