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Aereo: A New Cable Provider?

Fresh and interesting article posted on TechCrunch about Aereo's new plan to become a cable provider. 

As a reminder, Aereo was selling a service that allows its subscribers to watch television programs over the Internet at about the same time as the programs are broadcast over the air. The system was made up of servers, transcoders, and thousands of micro antennas housed in a central warehouse.Unlike video-on-demand services, such as Netflix, Aereo does not provide a prearranged assortment of movies and TV shows; it only transmitted specific programs selected by the user.

Happy Reading!

"When Aereo was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court and paused its service last month, it seemed as if the TV streaming service was out of options. But on Wednesday, Aereo lawyers filed a letter with a New York district court indicating that the company now considers itself a cable provider. It now believes that it should not have to stop its services because, if it can obtain a license, it …