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Location Information Data: Intriguing Tool Or Significant Threat To Anonymity?

Fresh and interesting article from Forbes, the American business magazine, and TechCrunch, about Google's location history Browser "mapping" your movements: 

"A recent story on TechCrunch highlighted a little-known feature of Google's mapping services; the ability to record and display a daily history of your whereabouts [emphasis added]. The service is called Location History and is available via a web browser when you’re logged into your Google account. What you get is a Google Maps display that includes a calendar to specify the date for which you want to review your travels. An hourly graph is displayed below the map so that you can mouse over a specific time to see your location at that hour. Google even provides a play button that will automatically scroll through the timeline for you. This location data is coming from your smartphone or tablet, of course. Google’s apps have the ability to periodically track your location, regardless of whether you’re activ…