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Does the word "privacy" still mean something anyway?!

I just found these two interesting and fresh articles about the new NSA project X-Keyscore that collects nearly everything you do on the Internet. I strongly recommend you to read them.

- From TechCrunch:


- From Business Insider:

This story is far from being over!

What Startups Should Do To Protect Their Big Mobile Application Idea? The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights In An Extremely Competitive Market

In today's knowledge economy, intellectual property (hereafter "IP") rights are very important and powerful.  Unfortunately for (young) entrepreneur's, it's not always the first thing that will cross your mind when you start a business. Indeed, you get excited by your project, you have a multitude of activities and issues that you have to deal with, you start to spread your idea everywhere, etc. However, if you want to protect your smartphone application(hereafter “app”) and generate profits, you should really read this article!
In this article, two questions will be analyzed. In terms of IP rights protection:
(1)  What should a startup do when starting a business? For instance, should you patent your smartphone application [5]? Do you need a trademark? A short summary of  Apple trademark applications icon 'strategy' will also be explained.  

(2)  What can a startup do to protect a business idea when a tech giant (such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) is &…