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Mountain View's Biggest Event of The Year: Google I/0 2013!

The first event of its kind started in May 2008. You can read on Google's website how “modest” they were (or not aware of their future success yet) back in 2008. They described the event as “a developer event, [where] we preview a set of functions and applications enabling website owners to easily make their sites social by adding registration, invitations, members gallery, message posting and reviews, plus applications built by the OpenSocial developer community”. Five years later, it’s the event that everyone wants to attend! This week, it's ... THE WEEK! It's Google I/O 2013! 
What's exactly the event about? It is simply considered as the Mountain View's biggest event of the year. Just that, nothing more. But when it's about Google, it's almost big anyway! More precisely, it’s an annual conference for developers devoted to Google-based technologies that covers every aspect of Google Apps, including Android, Chrome, Maps, Google APIs, App Engine, etc. Googl…